Fitness Tracking Made Easy

The MyFitClient Tracker makes it easy to track workout details such as exercises, weight progress and progress photos. New features are being added all the time to make this the best fitness tracker available.


The MyFitClient Workout Tracker is great tool to use for yourself or to track your clients. Easily track workouts, progress and even photos.

Works everywhere

Your workout plans are available at your finger tips wherever you go. If you're a coach, you'll have access to all of your clients details anywhere you go, on the fly.

Always available

With yours and your clients information always available, you can follow up any time and anywhere.


Customize workout plans easily to fit your needs and the needs of your clients. Load up custom exercises or pick from a list of those already available.


Our web application is designed for speed so you won't be waiting around for the information to load when you need it. Like in the middle of a workout or client meeting.